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Complete keyword analysis by Active K Digital
Website effectiveness.
Step by step plan to improve your website by analysing its' structure and usability.
SEO analysis by Active K Digital
SEO analysis.
Get discovered by potential customers searching for your products on Google and other search engines.
Advertising setup and correction by Active K Digital
Strategy improvement.
Know where to focus your efforts going forward so that you're headed in the right direction — sales and growth.

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Complete Keywords Analysis

Keywords research and

Launching a new product? Or just starting a new marketing strategy? Start with the right keywords to attract the right people!

Complete keyword analysis

Having the right keywords is critical whether you are going through a website redesign, or just want to improve your website, content, or advertisement effectiveness.

Relevance and search volume research

Feel confident knowing your keywords are relevant exactly how many customers you are targeting with your keywords. Don't waste time playing the guessing game. Attract the right people — those that will buy your products!

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The step by step plan was easy to follow, helped us beat our competitors on Google, and improved conversion by 36%.

— Marcel D., PMO, Amore For Ever
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Keyword Strategy

Analysis or creation of target audience profiles/buyer personas

Knowing exactly who your customer is will determine how you position your brand in the market and how you reach your audience. We will help you effectively market your products by accurately defining your consumer.

Personalized marketing strategy following given budget

Let's make sure that every dollar you spend gets you the maximum value! Whether Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or other advertising channel will be best to reach your target customer, we will create the plan for you to be successful.

Complete marketing product launch plan(s)

Positioning your new product to the right customers, having a strong and compelling pitch, and focusing your time and effort on the right things is what we’ll help you figure out -- Along with the all the gritty details that come along with a launch.

Best keyword strategy by Active K Digital

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Advertising (PPC) Set-up/Correction

AdWords Performance Evaluation

Google Adwords can be intimidating, so we'll evaluate your current and latest campaigns to help you understand what you need to do to immediately improve you CPC (cost per click) or CPV (cost per view).

Cross-channel content/advertising strategy

YouTube, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Peer Review sites, Forums...You'll know exactlty how to leverage every channel that you should be growing on - be it with video, blogs, or other content.

Pay per click by Active K Digital

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