Grow your mind

The key to becoming a successful and happy person is to constantly be growing and learning new things. When you are learning and expanding your mind, you are feeling accomplished and seeing how you are progressing. 

What better way to keep learning and progressing than to read on your commute or even just for a few minutes before bed? 

Here are my top picks for this year that I would suggest anyone to pick up and read.

🎒📚 Here are the books I highly recommend reading!
💵 Everything from success in business to finding peace and fitness.
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Read with your eyes closed

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The only book you need to understand economics.

Zen Mind

The perfect little read to get started with zen meditation, and generally seeing the world in a much more calm and positive way.



These short letters have so much wisdom! I love reading one in the morning to set a mood for the day, or in the evening to gain perspective on my day.


This is a great place to start understanding how financial markets work, and some basics of investing. No, you won't be ready to invest in stocks after reading it, but you'll certainly understand them better and will easily avoid traps that banks and financial advisors propose to you.


Tools of titans

This is a fat collection of golden nuggets from the best of the best in: health (keto, gymnastics, weight lifting), wealth (investors), wisdom.

The intelligent investor

This fat book really does cover just about everything from A to Z about investing.


Tipping point

This one is recommended by so many great leaders. Read it to see the world differently.

Magic of believing

Feeling a little lost? Not sure how to get your happiness or motivation back? This little pocket book is absolutely worth the read.


Thinking big

This one is pretty corny, full of it's 1970's examples, but it is such an important book! It taught me so much, and truly helped me be a better (and happier) person. It might be time to reread it!

The art of the deal

Whether you like him or not, he built an empire and became president. Surely there's at least a few things he's doing right that you and I can learn from.


Good to great

The best way to learn is by copying what the best did to get to where they are, learning from their mistakes.

viral loop

Not sure how all these new companies are growing, raising money on insane valuations, and making money even thought they don't seem to be "selling any products"? This one's for you.


SIMPLE Eating for fat loss

Oh, look! This one is actually written by me! It's a total step-by-step guide to learning to flexible diet the healthy way. Do check it out!

The Sell

Did you fall in love with him on Million Dollar Listing New York? This Swedish New Yorker has a lot to teach you about selling - real estate, bubble gum, ponies, yachts, souls... whatever it is you want to sell.


scaling up

Here's what you need to know to make your business part of the ones that grow, not disappear.

Ask Gary Vee

This guy has built his business purely through social media. Who better to learn from?

Have YOU read these books?

Comment below which are your favourites, or any that you'd suggest!

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