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Active K Digital is here to help you grow - from idea to happy customers.


From refining your product offering to developing a digital marketing strategy, the Toronto and San Francisco based Active K team has been helping Startups and medium sized companies grow since 2011.

The Active K team are truly experts. They helped us increase our website traffic by as much as 70%.
— Boris V., Founder, Soxy
Awesome people to work with. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know till you showed me what to do — Thanks, team!
— Gershie, P., CEO, RHCC
The step by step plan was easy to follow, helped us beat our competitors on Google, and improved conversion by 36%.
— Marcel D., PMO, Amore For Ever

Where we can help you


From developing a product roadmap, to launch plan, to coaching you on industry secret best practices, to fully managing your product development processes  — we're here to help you maneuver through all the way to the top!



An integrated digital strategy is a the core of everything we do. Creating great content is in the details of the user experience, and driving sustainable growth. We've created tons of engaging content that's been shared millions of times across media channels and audiences.

WEBSITE Optimization

A solid search engine optimization strategy underlines everything we do. Our UX/UI optimization and A/B Testing gurus ensure that you don't just get ranked, but also skyrocket your conversion. We merge time-tested SEO best practices with social media trends to achieve transformational results.

Popular Packages


The Keyword Optimizer

Keyword research and creation to promote quality traffic to your website, improve your conversion rate, and boost your content strategy.

Your website needs to reach a more targeted audience!

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  • Keyword research and refinement for up to 10 pages
  • Complete keyword analysis
  • Revelance and Search Volume Analysis
  • Keyword implementation strategy
  • PPC ad program set-up tips to reach ready-to-buy customers instantly!
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Free Active K Digital Keywords Strategy guide
Popular First Buy

The Quick Fixer

Immediate results from small changes, a quick analysis to smooth over any imperfections in your content strategy. Enhance overall user experience and let your website do the selling.

Your website needs a strategic face-lift!

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  • Current situation analysis
  • 5 Keys to instantly improve your website
  • SEO-Friendly website analysis
  • Website usability review
  • Website standing analysis (SEM)
  • Structure recommendations for search engine optimizing (SEO) website
  • Analysis of current PPC campaigns and suggestions
  • Detailed recommendations for improvement
  • Free Active K Website Hacking guide

The Growth Maxer

Complete action plan to drive quality traffic to your website. Increase overall growth and effectively reach your target market.

You need help growing your business!

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  • 15 Point website analysis and improvement plan
  • Complete Website SEO analysis
  • Keywords research & meta data
  • Analysis or creation of target audience profiles/buyer personas
  • Personalized marketing strategy following given budget
  • Complete marketing product launch plan(s)
  • Cross-channel content/advertising strategy
  • Recommendations for content/advertising pieces
  • Free Active K Growth Hacking guide
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The Active K Pro

A complete action plan and implementation to grow your business. We will do the dirty work for you, so you can focus on delivering your product to your new customers.

You need a full-scope marketing team!

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  • 10 Hours of Active K Digital Specialist's time dedication to you
  • Advertising creation/analysis on Google Adwords, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Complete Active K Marketing Analysis: Keyword, Website, Target Audience and Content.
  • Advertising on Google Adwords, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Content (Blog) Planning & Creation
  • Detailed advertising plan for the future of your business
  • Associate digital marketing training
  • Free Active K Growth Hacking guide
  • Free Active K Digital Keywords Strategy guide
Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.
— Tony Zambito