Where to Promote Your Giveaways

Creating a social media or Amazon giveaway can be an effective way of growing your followers/likes/e-mail list and getting more eyeballs on your site/products if done right.

Not only that, everyone that engages with your campaign can also be retargeted afterwards!

After you've created the campaign, it's time to get as many eyeballs as you can on it. You could use paid ads for this, but there's more options out there!

Amazon Giveaway on Facebook Page

Here are FREE places to promote your giveaway to get more entrants. Of course, keep in mind that depending on your giveaway, some of these may be more or less relevant to what you are giving away and the end goal of your campaign.

If you host a giveaway Linky that we haven’t listed, feel free to email us and let us know.

Blog Giveaways/Sweepstakes

These are blogs and giveaway Linky's that list all active giveaways that are submitted to them. Some are instantaneous, but others take up to 7 days to review submissions before posting them, so be sure to submit your sweepstake or giveaway as early as possible to make sure it's approved and posted. Some of these also give you the option to promote your post.

Low-Entry Linky Sites

You can only submit to these while you have under 200 entrants in your contest, so submit immediately after creating the campaign!

Facebook Giveaway groups/pages for US

You'll need to request to join these groups, so request to join before you are even ready to launch the campaign. Go ahead and search for more groups/pages in your geo or for the location in which your campaign target audience will be in.

Giveaway / Contest Linky

Enter your contests and giveaways here to share them with Active K blog visitors. They will appear on the Active K Contest and Giveaway page.