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Building a strong and healthy body doesn't require much, but there are certainly some tools that will make it easier, safer and more fun. Whether you are working out outdoors, at home, or at a gym, you'll find most of these items very useful in your journey. Not sure how to use them? Get more ideas by simply doing a quick Google search. Each is very versatile, and that's the best part about fitness - there's no single way to do it! There's so many ways to be creative and have fun, and not get bored or plateau!

🎒 Here's what's currently in my gym bag!
🏋🏼‍♀️ These are essential to build glutes to have a round & firm butt.

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Lifting belt

Protecting your back is so important when squatting! Plus, you'll see that it'll be easier to engage the glutes by giving your back the extra support. Oh, and wearing the belt looks pretty bad-ass 😉.

Skipping rope

Skipping is incredible for cardio, and I love that you can literally take it with you anywhere! Even if you have bad knees, a gentle skip is great.


Patella Bands

Whether you have a knee injury, arthritis, or have no knee problems at all, these guys are key! They protect your knees without the bulk of compression bands. I wear them for all plyometric work and squatting.

Adidas Duffle

I keep it basic with my gym bag: the medium sized $20 duffle. It's big enough that I stuff my groceries in it on the way home from the gym, or can fit all my meals for the day if I'm on the go.


Gallon Bottle

I go through 2-3 of these full of water per day, so you can understand why I don't go for just a regular 750mL sized bottle. Plus, since it's BPA free and reusable I feel a lot better carrying around this Big Bertha.

Lifting straps

I only bought my first pair of straps this year, and they have completely changed my booty days. My deadlifts have never been more powerful or booty crushing, now that my little-lady-arms can finally lift enough for the glutes to really engage.


Lifting gloves

These are absolutely 100% essential to keep those hands soft and callus-free. They make it easier to grip, lift, push and pull the weights and pulleys as well.

Ankle straps

Donkey kicks (kick-backs) and leg raises on a pulley machine are some of the best booty moves. Most gyms don't have ankle straps, so I bring my own!


Stretch bands

These guys are nice and portable so they're great for workouts when travelling, and even for getting an extra deep stretch.

Barbell Padding

Okay, yes, most gyms have these, but most of the time they are worn out and flattened. I have my own for glute days because there is nothing better than glute bridges (hip thrusts) to build a booty, but nothing worse than the pain of the bar on your hips if you don't have proper padding.


Blender Bottle

Keep it simple with this shaker. Blender bottles are my favourite because they last years! Just be sure to wash them with soap regularly to keep it smelling fresh and clean, like new.


Love this thing for taking items like my protein, BCAAs, pre-workout, vitamins, fish oils, almonds & berries on the go. It's pretty heavy duty so it's withstood a lot of abuse (being thrown around, dropped on the floor dozens of times, etc.) You can also easily add more compartments, or take some away.

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