Workout Clothes Favourites


Being comfortable while you workout is important, and that includes both: 

1. Feeling comfortable in breathable clothes that hugs, supports, and moves with your body,

2. Feeling good and confident about how you look in the clothes.

Here are my absolute favourite clothing items. 

🎒 Here's what's currently in my gym bag!
🏋🏼‍♀️ These are essential to build glutes to have a round & firm butt.

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Dri-fit tank

I love how light and breathable this tank is. It actually feels like you're not wearing anything. Whatever material it's made from must be unicorn hair because it can withstand anything, and I can fit the whole tank into my jean pocket.

3" Compression Shorts

Everyone needs a pair of these in their closet. They're so comfortable and versatile. Perfect for cardio or leg days when you're getting your sweat on!


Calvin Bralette

This one may not have enough support for every type of workout, but damn, it looks so good that it definitely motivates me to go train my upper body more!

Calvin Bikinis

I'm normally not a fan of bikini underwear, and I normally only go for silky materials, but these pairs really surprised me. They're super comfortable.


Lounge pants

Whether you have a knee injury, arthritis, or have no knee problems at all, these guys are key! They protect your knees without the bulk of compression bands. I wear them for all plyometric work and squatting.

Pegasus Cross Trainer

I'm in love with these shoes. They are the perfect cross trainer, giving the right amount of support for just about any activity.


Nike Huarache

I literally get a compliment on these every time I wear them. They look like they're from the future, and go with pretty much any outfit inside or outside of the gym.

Puma Socks

 I'm bringing Puma back! These socks are inexpensive, super soft, and durable. All you really need socks to be, right?


UA Stretch Thong

Totally love the amazing quality of these, and how comfortable they are. They also really help avoid the whole "camel toe" situation that some leggings give.

Nike AIR MAX 90

These guys are my "fashionable" go to for the gym. They're super comfortable and look awesome. But these usually come out for upper body days, not for heavy leg cardio days.


Legend Leggings

These support your tummy through whatever you're doing, and make every butt look round and firm. Love these for inside and outside the gym.

ALALA Leggings

These are so damn sexy that you can really wear them all day everywhere you go. Such beautiful fabric quality!


Adidas Training Pants

I'm so happy that these are back in style. Even better: now they're tapered fit!

Alo muscle tank

I don't think I even need to say anything about this one. Just look at this pic. So sexy! Definitely for the gym or as a summer top!


High-waist leggings

Alo makes amazing quality stuff that just looks like it came off the runway. Totally in love with these. Just keep them safe, and don't wear them on a day when you're training outdoors!

No show socks

I've had these for a few years now. They're still good! Talk about socks that last. If only my washing machine would give me back the couple socks it took ...


Indy sports Bra

This bra provides a good level of support, and gives you a nice shape without tons and tons of extra padding. I have it in blue and red.

Lulu Bra

I love that this bra feels and supports as well as it looks amazing on. Total fan.


Do YOU have any of these in your closet?

Comment below which are your favourites, or any that you'd suggest!

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