M-Commerce is on the Rise and Your Company's Not Ready

Online Shoppers in the U.S. recently made 1.2 billion dollars worth of purchases via their phones and tablets on Black Friday. This will forever be known as the first billion-dollar mobile shopping day in United States history. This marks a remarkable 33% increase in last year’s mobile sales total for the day.

The overall increase in mobile sales for 2016 is trending at about 33% growth from 2015 across the board; this growth is over 200% higher than e-commerce growth given a similar time period. 

There’s a saying that rings true in respect to most business or marketing plans and that’s, the moment you realize you have to adapt, you are already behind. Google Algorithms have adapted to include website responsiveness so before you do anything else today, open your businesses website on your mobile device or tablet. Take note of how long the site takes to load and what your user's experience is. 

Is it Fast?

Is it Simple?

Is it Responsive?


As a savvy business owner, you know all about conversion, you know its importance and you’re all about gaining that customer and making that sale. You have effective call-to-action buttons, your customer service agent is always ready to help, your website is search engine optimized. Yet, you still find yourself losing sales, conversion is dropping and you can’t quite put your finger on why or how to turn it around. 

So ask yourself the following questions:   

  1. Is my website/app optimized for mobile purchases?
  2. Is my payment process adaptable to mobile wallets?
  3. And most importantly, Have I made it easy?


M-Commerce is expected to grow at a rate 300% faster than traditional e-Commerce. According to industry leaders, more brands are likely to focus on implementing a seamless checkout experience in the coming year.


Mobile Wallet.png


Your Website/App is NOT optimized for Mobile Purchases

Nobody wants to wait, and nobody wants to figure out how to navigate your weird checkout page, as specially on their cellphone, when they’re probably also grocery shopping. So make it simple, think of how often you’ve wanted to purchase a product and haven’t, because it was too difficult to go from initial interest to the point of purchase. If your analytics are showing a low conversion, a good place to start “remodelling” would be your checkout.


You Haven’t even considered mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are a fast moving trend and if you fall behind, you better believe your competitors will be there to pick up the slack. If your customers prefer to pay using a mobile wallet and you aren’t prepared to offer it, that’s a sale you've just lost.


 You Haven’t Made it Easy

Above all else your target market, no matter who that is, values convenience. Making it easy is dependant upon market research, knowing who your customer is so that you can pin-point what they value in terms of ‘convenience’. What a 20 year old finds convenient is worlds away from what a 60 year old finds convenient, so remember that. Everyone is looking for the shortest point between two dots, so be ready with a ruler.


Innovation is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about attaching it to a bike and selling it to the milk-man. You don’t need gimmicks or flashing neon signs, you just need to make your product useful and accessible to the right people. 

In a time where 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones in-store when making a decision, why wouldn’t you want to reach your audience right from the palm of their hand!




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