Natural Beauty Essentials


In life, balance is so important! I love "going natural" half the time, and these are my go-to's for everything from a deodorant to a full body moisturizer. What I love about these products is that they're so multipurpose. Add some honey and lemon juice and you have a face wash, or add some essential oils and you have an incredibly soothing bath oil.

❣️ Current favourite products sitting in my washroom cabinet.
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Eucalyptus Epsom Salt

An epsom salt bath with a glass of wine or tea is by far the best way to relax after a long week. The salts relax the muscles, and the addictive smell of eucalyptus takes you away to another world.

Ziaja Coconut Wash

It's not 100% organic, but it's Paraben free and smells incredible! I love how unique, simple, and affordable Ziaja products are.


Crystal Deodorant

I do sometimes use regular spray deodorant to enjoy the fresh smell, but 90% of the time I use this baby. It's all natural and I love that it not only lasts over a year, it doesn't leave stains or white marks on clothes. You will still sweat with it since it's not an antiperspirant, but the sweat won't smell, so this is a healthy and good way to go.

Coconut OIl

The uses for coconut oil and endless. It's antibacterial and has so many amazing qualities. My favourite is doing a face mask with it after washing. I then place a hot damp towel on my face for a few minutes, and use it to wipe off any excess oil. Doing this before sleep always guarantees a super soft and clean face in the morning.


Ahava Peel

I'm a huge fan of doing a seriously deep exfoliation and hydration ritual once a week. After exfoliating with a spin brush and a gentle wash, I go in with this peel to really get off all the little bits of dead skin and dirt. This really prepared my skin for any mask and serum that I use afterwards.

Conditioning Mask

I absolutely love how light yet deeply conditioning this mask is. I love to slap on a nice layer after exfoliating and keeping it on over night as a moisturizer. 


Aloe Vera Gel

Best light moisturizer and after-sun lotion out there. Acne prone or sensitive skin? Get back to the basics with aloe. I swear my life on it.

Sweet Almond Oil

This oil is a great body moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and I love how long a little bottle lasts. You definitely get the best "mileage" from this if you're someone like me who likes to moisturize after every shower.


Bentonite Clay

A tub of this stuff will last you forever, and it's amazing for deep cleansing masks. Google some easy recipes for your skin type, whether dry or oily.

Vitamin E Oil

This is the absolute bomb for removing scars and stretch marks, and intense hydration anywhere you need it. It's also a staple for healing tattoos and keeping them looking vibrant.


Rose Water Spray

There's plenty of uses for rosewater, but my favourite it simply using it as a light hydrating and refreshing spray for my face. Particularly on either hot days in the summer, or dry days in the winter. 

Giovanni Moisturizer

This lotion is absolutely worth every penny. It smells incredible (but not overpowering), it's silky to the touch, absorbs quickly, and of course makes me feel great knowing it's organic and not full of chemicals like most moisturizers out there.

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