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Beautiful clean face regiment

The best dermatologist in Toronto has taught me so many valuable things about skin care for treating acne, reducing scars and pigmentation, and slowing down the onset of aging and wrinkles.

Here are the basics:   

  • Wear sunscreen every day. Sunny or not, wear it!
  • Exfoliate 2 times per week, following with quality masks, serums and moisturizers.
  • Never go to sleep without properly washing and moisturizing.
  • Don't pick, scratch, pop or squeeze anything on your face.
  • Always remember under eye cream!

These are my current favourite products for cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting my face. 

❣️ Current favourite products sitting in my washroom cabinet.
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Derma Roller

Derma rollers are great for removing scars, and boosting natural collagen production in your skin. Doing this once a week post exfoliating is perfect for getting the most out of your serums and creams so they can penetrate deep in your skin instead of just floating on the top layers.

Brightening Serum

I love to get the most out of exfoliating my following with a brightening serum. It's the best time, when the skin is still moist and the pores are all open and ready to absorb all the goodness! This helps to brighten my completion, moisturize the deepest layers, and remove d


Algae Micellar Water

I love using this gentle micellar water after a regular face wash to get off any excess make-up/dirt. It smells lovely and leaves the face feeling extra clean. 

Dead Sea peeling

This peeling is quite unique! I got it on my trip to the Dead Sea, and really fell in love. It feels different than any other peeling because it's the dead sea salt in it that gently exfoliates your skin. Plus it smells incredible : seaberry scent!


Ahava Peel

I'm a huge fan of doing a seriously deep exfoliation and hydration ritual once a week. After exfoliating with a spin brush and a gentle wash, I go in with this peel to really get off all the little bits of dead skin and dirt. This really prepared my skin for any mask and serum that I use afterwards.

Conditioning Mask

I absolutely love how light yet deeply conditioning this mask is. I love to slap on a nice layer after exfoliating and keeping it on over night as a moisturizer. 


Cleansing tonic

When it's hot and humid outside, or I'm starting to break out a bit, I'm sure to use this tonic. It helps control the extra sebum production, and makes me feel extra fresh and clean.

Mud Mask

I am an absolute mud mask addict. Nothing beats the one I bought on my trip to Israel in the dead sea, but this one comes quite close! After exfoliating, you can really feel this mask working it's magic. The next day my face feels so amazingly soft and plump!


Frothy Face Wash

I am obsessed with this face wash. It smells like tea tree, it's gentle, and all you need is half a pea size amount on a spin brush for you face to be swallowed up by beautiful foam. 

Murad SPF

If I could go back in time, I would go back to stop my 16 year old self from tanning. Over a decade later I am still working hard to remove all the sun spots and damage I caused at the deepest layers of my skin. Now, to make sure that all the care that I give my skin with exfoliation and moisturizing treatments, stays, I make sure to use SPF every day.



This product is amazing. You don't need much of it to gently reveal a beautiful, fresh new layer of skin.

Spin Brush

I use the simple/inexpensive vanity planet spin brush to get the job done, and I couldn't be happier with it. It has all the attachments and is waterproof, but TBH I only just the face exfoliating attachment...although I do use it every 2-3 days!


Cooling mask

Yes, that's right, another mask! I love keeping this one in the fridge for extra cooling effect. It's perfect for sensitive or irritated skin.

Ziaja eye cream

I love this inexpensive eye cream. It's smooth and quick absorbing, and keeps my eyes from looking puffy or dry in the morning. Day and night, I wear it all the time!

Have YOU tried any of these products?

Comment below what your favourite facial care products are!

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